Jan Martin Smørdal

Acoustic Accident


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what to do with simple melodies?
the title of this album refer to the expression ‘quantum satis’, meaning ‘sufficient amount’. when i started this ensemble some time ago, i wanted to see what fifteen musicians could do out of almost nothing. the melody presented on the third track felt sufficcient to me, and made the source to the rest of the material on “q.s.”. anyhow, awareness of ambient sounds when playing turned out to be a main focus; much of music lies herein. perhaps that’s why i find the fragmented melodies even stronger than intended, through mere presence of extrordinary musicians. this is what i did with simple melodies this time, enjoy.

jan martin smørdal


Acoustic Accident:

ketil vestrum einarsen – flutes
klaus ellerhusen holm – alto saxophone
morten barrikmo engebretsen - clarinettes
gjertrud pedersen – clarinettes
anders lønne grønseth – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
christian magnusson – tenor saxophone, clarinet
erik johannessen – trombone
eivind nordset lønning – trumpet
martin taxt – tuba
yngvild furnes bjellaanes – cello
inga grytås byrkjeland – cello
jan martin smørdal - guitar
morten qvenild – piano
aslak hartberg – bass
pål hausken – drums

recording by kai andersen in january at athletic sound
mixed by kai andersen and jan martin smørdal
mastering by helge sten at audio virus lab
coverdesign by camilla brøyn