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Sphinx – Bohemian Sketches

Anders Lønne Grønseth: saxophones, clarinets
David Skinner: piano
Audun Ellingsen: bass
Ülrik Ibsen Thorsrud: drums

This quartet has appeared as a fresh and contemporary contribution to the already so innovative and qualitative Norwegian jazz scene, and have become known to the public as bearers and renewers of a tradition which started with musicians such as Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal and Jon Christensen. The new album ”Bohemian Sketches” contians music inspired by a selection of paintings by Edward Munch.

Sphinx made their first sounds together in 1999, as young men seeking common musicianship and a start for their careers. Since then, they have released three albums: The debut album ”Sphinx” in 2001, ”Speaks the Riddle of the Undisputed Truth” in 2002 and the double album ”Sweet Maladies” in 2004. They have been touring nationally as well as internationally and received international prizes for their music. As individuals, the four members have taken part in numerous other projects and releases along the way.
In 2006, Sphinx entered the Japanese market, contributing with a full length CD to a book of Norwegian poems translated to Japanese. This book/CD pack was released by Japanese publisher Singpoosha. Sphinx will be touring Japan for concerts and promo in September 2007.

Said about Sphinx:
“It is like a Philip K. Dick story that is twisted in terms of trying to disrupt your logical perspective. Like one of his tales, you think you know where you are, but soon the solid ground imperceptibly shifts and you have trouble keeping your sense of balance as you struggle to walk a straight line. At the same time, it feels like you are in an interior maze and are trying to escape with your sanity intact. Some of the antiseptic corridors you try turn out to be blind alleys. Some times you see only mirrors. Near the end, you feel that there is a way out of this asylum. But at the same time, there is a nagging and ominous feel that you are being manipulated. This science-fiction quality is aptly arranged and performed by Sphinx. The puppet-master is pulling the strings of your mind” - John Doll, Jazz Review.