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Jupiter featuring Jonas Kullhamar - "Live at Glenn Miller Café" in stores now

Håvard Stubø - guitar

Steinar Nickelsen -organ

Magnus Forsberg - drums

All three musicians share a common background in modern jazz, while still being open to other forms of music, and together with a mutual understanding of what music is and should be, this results in a unique sound, which has been highly acclaimed by Scandinavian critics.

The combination of Nickelsen's hypnotic, ambient-like organ, Forsberg's explosive yet subtle drumming, and Stubø's singing guitar creates a dynamical soundscape with references to both post-rock and electronica as well as jazz. Most of the band's tunes are written by guitarist Håvard Stubø, but the Jupiter songbook also features originals by the other members, as well as the occasional cover.

The players:

Håvard Stubø:
From Narvik, Northern Norway. Known as one of the Norwegian jazz scene's most exciting guitarists. Currently lives in Tondheim, Norway, where he recently graduated from the prestigious Jazz Conservatory. Works with severable notable bands such as North,
Velvet Lounge Orchestra, Fiber and Ping-Pong, as well as extensive freelance playing.

Steinar Nickelsen:
From Oslo, Norway. Has toured with Pat Metheny, and works with several
bands such as Tingeling w/Eldbjørg Raknes, Sonic Boom w/ Jaga Jazzist's Mathias Eick.

Magnus Forsberg:
From Östersund, Sweden. Has toured with Pat Metheny, and works regularly with
several bands such as Mambo Companeros, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Vandala. Has played with Per "Texas Johansson and Vigleik Storaas.